What Type Of Questions You Should Ask In An Interview

Asking questions to the interviewer gives a better idea of the company, the boss, as well as the team you will be working with.

You might think that the job description has already laid out this to you, but having a real conversation about the job role is helpful. You get to understand your job responsibility well and learn what will keep your seniors happy with your performance.

With answers to the questions you might have in your mind, you’ll learn things that may not be clear from the job description. For instance, you have to work with a hard-to-deal manager or work within a limited project budget. 

So what smart questions you can ask during the interview? Rehearse the following list of focused, open-ended question questions to make an informed decision before joining a job role:

About the Job

What does a typical workday look like?

Can you tell me about the projects I’ll be handling?

What skills and experiences do you expect in the best candidate for this position?

How do you define the success of the person in this position?

What are the biggest challenges you think someone in this position would face?

Is this an old or new role you’ve created?

About Professional Development 

What training programs do you provide to your employees?

Are there opportunities for personal growth?

Would I get the opportunity to represent the team or company at industry conferences?

Where have been persons previously in this position progressed to?

About your Performance

What do you want me to achieve in the first 30, 60, and 90 days in this role?

What are your performance expectations of this position over my first year here?

What is your performance review process?

What metrics do you consider when evaluating employees’ performance?

About the Interviewer

How long have you been working with the company?

Why did you join this company?

What’s the best thing, in your opinion, about working here?

About the Company

Where do you want to see the organization in the coming five years?

Can you tell me about your plans for the company’s growth?

What current goals is the company focusing on?

What excites you the most about the company’s future?

About the Team

Can you explain something about the team I will work with?

To whom will I report to?

What are the biggest strengths and challenges in the team?

Are you planning or expecting to recruit more people in the department in the coming few months?

Which other departments will I work with?

Can you explain the most common career paths in the department?

About Work Culture

What is the work style of the company and the team?

How do you describe the work environment in the company?

What was the last team event you organized together?

What do you do for lunch?

Does the team hang out outside the company premises?

Do you organize joint events with other departments or companies?

What is the best and different thing about working here?

Final Words

Asking these questions during or at the end of the interview will provide valuable information about the company and the job role.