Top Skills Companies Are Looking For In 2020

Just completing your education is not sufficient. These days due to the increased competition in the job market, companies also prefer talented individuals that can prove to be a bonus for the organization's development. Like every progressing company, the main motto is to reduce labour and increase efficiency. Hence, they look for a combination of soft skills and hard skills.

We amass the following list of skills you should possess if you are searching for a job.

✔️ Soft skills

1. Creative thinking

Though this should not be mentioned, if you are a person with creative thinking then it will be a bonus for the company you work for. Using minimum resources and generating maximum profits is what will work in your favour with your creative mindset.

You can master the art of creative thinking with these courses:

●      Creativity for all

●      Creative exercises to spark original thinking

2. Persuasive skills

If you cannot convince the employer to hire you, then you clearly lack this one. A persuasive temperament is expected when you are applying for a sales or marketing role. This skill will definitely help you to convert your potential clients into customers.

Develop your persuasive mastery with these courses:

●      Persuading others

●      Persuasive coaching

3. Collaborating with others

The output and efficiency provided by a team of capable employees are much greater than any individual. You should have the ability to work together with individuals of a different perspective and still generate good results.

Cultivate the spirit of collaboration with these courses:

●      Being an effective team member

●      Teamwork foundation

4.  Acceptance

You should be comfortable working with different environments, colleagues and a variety of projects. Survival of the fittest also fits in here. You should easily adjust to most of the work environment change.

Learn this skill here:

●      Managing stress through positive changes

●      Finding your time management style

5. Emotional intelligence

You should be able to understand your emotions as well as of others. You require emotional intelligence to direct your emotions and don't let them bottle up to cause great stress and later inefficiency.

Master emotional intelligence with the help of these courses:

●      Developing your emotional intelligence

●      Influencing others

✔️ Hard skills

These are the actual skills that involve learning and development in the current scenario. Soft skills help you develop your personality. Whereas hard skill will help you to develop a strong career.

1. Blockchain

This technology has recently increased its popularity with the safe and secure data management system. Especially for e-commerce markets, blockchain is an effective technology that curbs hackers. If you have these skills which are high in demand, you will surely be the most sought-after candidate.

Learn all about blockchain here

●      Blockchain basics

●      Blockchain beyond basics

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has changed the game for technology without human intervention. The results are more productive and error-free. This knowledge helps the organization to stay steps ahead with development. This will also help you to know and predict the preference of your clients based on machine learning.

Master Artificial Intelligence with these courses:

●      Introducing AI to your organisation

●      Artificial Intelligence foundation: Machine Learning

3. Cloud computing

Cloud computing helps you to store and access your data from a remote server. If you master this skill, you can work for any esteemed organisation from anywhere in the world. This skill gives you a technical superiority over others.

Learn cloud computing with these courses:

●      Learn Cloud Computing: Core concepts

●      Cloud Native Development

4. Analytical reasoning

Analytical reasoning allows you to interpret results based on clear analysis and data provides. This helps in knowing the possible outcomes of trends, products or services in any given environment.

You can learn analytical reasoning with these courses:

●      Learn Data Analytics

●      Strategic Thinking

5. UX Design

A graphic designer will build as per the pixel or medium provided. But a UX designer analyses the user experience and preferences and designs accordingly. It studies what will connect with the audience and how it should be presented. It is purely user-targeted design.

You can discover UX design with these courses:

●      Getting started in User Experience

●      Interaction Design: Software and Web design patterns

6. Business Analysis

In order to predict the future when implementing new technology or launching a product, business analysis is required. A person with business analysis is more likely to harbour the correct method and plans that would work for the betterment of the company.

You can discover this most necessary skill with these courses:

●      Business Analysis Foundation

●      Data Analytics for business professionals

7. Affiliate marketing

The time for traditional advertising is a thing of the past. People with affiliate marketing skills are sought after to increase collaboration who other companies for the advertising of their products.

Learn the technique of affiliate marketing with these courses:

●      Marketing Tools: Digital Marketing

●      Influencer Marketing Foundation

8. Sales

Each and every company expects or at least desires to have a great salesperson in their team. You might not necessarily be applying for a sales job, but having this skill mastered will help you get your dream job. This skill will benefit the organization in generating greater sales and higher profits.

Ace the subject of sales with these courses:

●      Cross Functional Sales Team

●      Social selling Foundation

9. Scientific computing

Companies require professionals who can develop models using the latest in-demand programming language like Python, MATLAB etc. This skill also helps you in solving complicated problems with the help of computer programs.

Know more about scientific computing here:

●      Learning MATLAB

●      Introduction to Quantum Computing

10. Video production

Videos have always been an engaging platform to connect with the audience. The influence of social media in our lives requires a job seeker to know the basics of video production that will help the organization to stay connected with the masses.

You can learn the basics of this skill with these courses:

●      Connecting the with your audience using Video

●      Social Media Vidoe for Business and Marketing

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The analysis of skills companies need in 2020 is based on the skills possessed by employees getting a great job and the requirements of the employer. The data was analysed from their Linked In profiles.