How To Get Promoted at Work

Getting promoted at work place is the ultimate goal for every hardworking individual but it’s not always easy to please your boss. Here are a few tactics which provide an insight on how you can work to your utmost potential and get that promotion to take the next big step in your career. You can bring a massive change in your career by bringing small changes at work by following a pattern of making small changes at the work place in your interpersonal skills, your intrapersonal skills and your work ethics.

Developing an Understanding with Your Boss

It is really important that you build an understanding relationship with your boss, try your best to be open and verbal about your career with your boss. The best way for your boss to see that you deserve and dedicated is to let them know that you are a goal oriented individual who plans their life step by step. For the purpose of building communication a one on one conversation on weekly bases might be the best option.

You should at least be certain about where you see yourself in 6 years from now. Once your boss gets to know that you hold the potential for growth and that you can live up to their expectation they will help you in your persuasion for a promotion. Your concern for the firm or company will attract your boss and help in convincing them that your presence might prove to be crucial for the company’s growth as well.

Showing Concern for the Company

It is equally important to show genuine concern about the company that you are a part of. It is highly unprofessional to desire a promotion for the purpose of your own success or for a healthy pay, if you hold such an attitude towards your job it is evident that it will be a barrier in the path of promotion for you. It is suggested that you hold importance for the company’s reputation over anything else.

When your work and dedication reflects your participation towards the progress of the company it is likely that your boss will get pleased with your ambition. Furthermore you can portray yourself as a highly interactive and engaged employ in many ways. For instance you can mark your presence at every lunch and meeting and put forward ideas and suggestions for the betterment of the company.

Blend in with the Culture of the Company

A company culture is basically the traditional methodologies of a company for handling their business. The culture of every company varies and it is your job as a good employ to incorporate yourself into the culture of your company.

This is where you might stand out in a bad away if you don’t understand the importance of blending in. If you are seen as a foreigner in your company then it is likely that your chances for a promotion might be reduced.

Building Relationships with Fellow Members

The most important skill for an employee seeking for promotion is the intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Inter personal skills include the ability to communicate, understand, guide others around you. When you show yourself as capable of building healthy relationships with the co-workers and other members of the company it reflects a great deal on your reputation which in turn highlights your personality at the work place.

Having an appealing personality at work makes you indispensable which means that you will be hard to replace for the company. Although there are multiple ways you can make your presence seem irreplaceable, however the most efficient way is to be the best man for a certain job at work.

If you deliver exceptional performance in a certain area at work it is likely that you will be considered hard to replace which adds to your chances of a promotion. It is also important to consider that following this tactic has its drawbacks as well. If you do a specific job exceptionally well in a way that cannot be done by any other employ there is a chance that your boss won’t consider replacing you from that position.


When we talk about interpersonal skills, being a collaborative member of your company should be your top most priority. Choosing to stay unaware and in check with the latest issues and changes inside the workplace will give the impression that you have very little interest in the matters of the company which is lethal to your reputation.

To make sure you don’t give off the impression that you have no interest in the matter of the company it is suggested that you offer your participation without being asked for it at certain times. A good employee is always appreciated for taking more responsibilities and putting in extra effort for the success of the company.

You can further polish your interpersonal skills by focusing more on the “us” attitude rather than the “I’’ attitude and prove yourself as a team player. If you make small changes in your interpersonal skills in such a manner you might just get a promotion in no time, maybe in the same year?

Presenting Yourself

Most of the times individuals possess all the necessary skills to be deserving of a promotion but they end up ignoring the importance of presentation. Presenting yourself is one of the most important interpersonal and intrapersonal skills necessary for building a reputation that will get you a promotion. There are certain factors that need to be considered in order to present your set of skills and traits at the work place to impress your boss.

Be careful about your physical appearance.

Be careful about your tone when communicating.

Be careful about how you present your ideas.

Be careful about punctuality.

Be considerate about other people’s time.

Be Careful about how you interact with Individuals that are at a lower position than you.

One of the things that matter the most when you build a reputation is your attitude towards the fellow members who are at a lower position than you. The reason for this is such that it defines your potential for leadership, yes your leadership is judged on the bases of how well you guide and collaborate with the individuals working under you. If you fail at showing good leadership skills than it is unlikely that your boss will consider giving you a promotion.

Always be efficient when dealing with juniors and staff members of the office as this will not only polish your reputation among the fellow members but it will also portray an attractive image in front of your boss. Leadership is a vast topic that needs to be understood by individuals no matter what position they are working on a sit helps you in standing out and the more you stand the harder it will be to replace you as an employ.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Just like general intelligence the concept of emotional intelligence needs to be understood as well. There is a wide range of factors that come under the concept of emotional intelligence. An individual whether in a work place, a social gathering or by themselves are defined by the extent of control they have over their impulses and emotions. Letting your emotions and impulses over ride you are not only considered UN professional but will also degrade your performance and ruin your reputation at the office. There are many ways to boost up your emotional intelligence some of them are listed down below.

Be aware of your thoughts and emotions by practicing mindfulness.

Don’t let anger take over you.

Be efficient at decision making by developing a good and health thought process.

Be calm and collected in all situations.

Always think about the consequences of your decisions.

Be rational rather than emotional.

Plan your life.

Be considerate about other individuals in your workplace.

Handling Criticism

Taking feedback is also a part of your interpersonal skills. Getting a feedback could be done in multiple ways; you should be very efficient in your communication skills while asking for a feedback. Some employees don’t consider it important to ask for a feedback which only reduces their chances for improvement. It is really important to be aware of the fact that the feedback might not always be positive it can be negative as well. An important of your personality is how well you handle criticism, you can either take it as an insult or let it over ride your performance or you can consider it as constructive criticism and accept it as an opportunity to polish your skills at work.

Meanwhile you consider and practice the do’s for getting that promotion at your workplace it is equally important to be considerate about the don’ts of getting a promotion at your work.

Don’t be unprofessional

Many individuals don’t educate themselves about what is acceptable at work place and what is not. Such an attitude gives off the impression that you are not professional enough to be granted promotions. When employers make decisions on whether they should grant a promotion they usually go for individuals who have a serious attitude towards their work otherwise it will be too risky to grant a promotion to an employee that is not even serious about their job let alone the company.

Don’t Avoid the Topic

You might have this perception that being persuasive with your boss about the promotion will ruin your chance for a promotion. This is not true; you should always be expressive about where you see yourself in your career. At the same time it is equally important to make sure that you are not being overly persuasive and making it seem forceful. We suggest that you bring it up every once in a while in a highly professional manner by making it clear that you see yourself having the ‘potential to perform efficiently at a better position.

Don’t try to over Power

There is a fine line between being collaborative at the work place and only being collaborative. Always remember that your individual performance comes before anything if you are looking to get promoted at your workplace. Now you might be wondering when it is appropriate to draw the line between your benefits and company’s benefits. The best way to balance out in terms of the performance is to be considerate about the company just enough that it does not affect your individual performance. As a good employee you might always be concerned about the collective performance of the company but it is really important to keep in mind that your individual performance is what defines you as a person and as an employee.

Do not forget the Difference between Necessary Skills and Soft Skills

There are two categories of skills required for a highly professional employee worthy of promotion; those are the necessary skills and the soft skills. Necessary skills are those which include the skills without which you are not considered applicable for the job at all whereas soft skills are those without which you are still applicable for the job but these skills define hoe efficient you are at your job. Necessary skills might include the mentioned requirements of the job meanwhile the soft skills are certain skills that are not mentioned with the requirements but are highly appreciated. Some soft skills might include personal work ethics and self-management.


Getting a promotion requires a lot of hard work but with the help of efficient decision making and skills and some polished interpersonal and intrapersonal skills all your hard work will pay off in no time. It is also important to understand that a promotion doesn’t happen overnight, it is a long road where one should be open to criticism and growth. Promotion is all about growth and improvement and hence it is important to be aware of the fact that there is always so much you can learn if you are passionate about your work and there is always room for mistakes. Be hopeful in your journey towards building your career and make sure you develop the above mentioned skills and methodologies over time so you can excel at your career like a boss!