How To Deal With Job Search Depression

As soon as you graduate from any university, the first thing that comes in your to-do list is getting a well-paid job. According to famous beliefs and propaganda among youngsters, all your qualifications and efforts put in these years of education will be productive if you get a high profile job.

However, with the current trends in the job market, unemployment has reached heights. Further, the employer also expects the candidate to have some additional skills besides your degree. So the possibility of everyone getting a job is zero. When after spending time, money and efforts for your education, not getting a job is quite depressing.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with job search depression.

●      Learn to hear 'NO'

Being optimistic is good, but you should consider your surroundings as well. Hearing a No from the recruiters isn't the end of the world. You should focus on applying to numerous other firms that might look for your talent.

●      Upskill

After hearing a consistent NO, you should check in yourself. Try to upgrade your skills. Learn a new language that you feel will help you in surviving the competition. You can always learn through an online course in your desired field.

●      Wait for the right job

Not getting a job doesn't really translate to your lack of skills. It may not be a good time for the market. Example, if you are looking for a job in the wedding planning industry during the month of June, you might not get a job as the wedding seasons are usually in April and you are late. Try looking for the job again in October, as the wedding season starts in December again.

●      Internships

As soon as your college gets over, before starting to look for jobs, it is advised to look for internships that help you gain exposure to your field and add to your experience. Usually, no company hires a fresher.

●      Freelancing

Freelancing industry has boomed in recent years. Here you get paid for your skills. Be it your voice, writing skills or managing work. There is a temporary job for everyone. So you can actually earn pretty well through freelancing without having to save yourself for a fixed role.

●      Explore

Not getting a job is quite disheartening. But reaching out to experts will help you feel better. You can either help someone with your skills or take their help to land a job.

Helping others can always add wonders to your expertise.

Remember, the only way to tackle job search depression is voicing it out. If you think your problem is big enough that it can't be solved with the previous methods, consult a professional who will guide you through this. Depression in any form and cause requires help. Talk to your friends, family or even accept medical help if you feel unusually demotivated and overly stressed because of job search. Devote time for physical improvement and mental well being. A healthy body and a sound mind will surely speak volumes for yourself. Management of time is also necessary. Allot some time of your day in exploring your creative side. You never know, which hobby would help you discover your special talent.

Good luck! Hope you find one here.