How To Boost Your Confidence In 10 Ways And Why You Should Do It

Self-confidence is everything for a person, especially at a workplace. When you are confident at work, you are able to work without fear and you enjoy working every day, being able to confidently take up new challenges with enthusiasm. Confidence at work may be hindered by various factors. However, it is possible to gain confidence at work and discussed in this article are basic tips that can help you to gain great confidence at work. Like learning any other skill, learning to boost your confidence is about daily tasks and duties that later become routine and a habit, a habit of confidence. What you do every day becomes who you are. When you practice doing these habits each day, the habits become part of you and with time, you are able to boost your confidence at work and enjoy your day-to-day life at work.

Every day, we have activities that we do so as to ensure proper running of the day, some are routine and some we learn along the way. 

Daily activities can be categorized into three main ways:

  • The first category of activities is the activities that are not easily noticed because they have become so obvious and part of daily routine. Such activities include dressing each day, brushing teeth and so on.
  • Another category is that of good healthy behavior that one undertakes so as to have a healthy day. These activities include taking good breakfast, reading books, praying and exercising the body.
  • The other category is of unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking, not meeting deadlines and more. Such habits are in many of us and they are harmful.

Daily behaviors are key in achieving success, and also key in failing. To be able to engage in good habits for success, on requires good knowledge. Most of the time, habits are activities that we do without having an immediate thought over our actions, we think of the actions much later when we start to experience the consequences of our actions. When you learn to grow good habits in you therefore, good becomes part of you and you are able to practice these good habits without having to use up so much of your energy in doing good. This good later becomes part of you and makes you a confident person. 

Good habits and confidence becomes simply your life. You are a person to be admired and you enjoy your life and the work you do. When one has bad habits, there are those who put in effort to change so as to be good. One may feel the need to diet for instance so as to lose some weight. The following tips and habits are good in helping one boost their confidence and productivity.

1. Avoid Talking negatively about yourself

Nobody in life is perfect and life comes with no manual so do not be so hard on yourself. No person rises and grows by being hard on themselves. It is okay to fail and experience hardships. Be kind to yourself, talk well to yourself and about you. Be your number one fan and your own mentor, working to be better than you were yesterday. Having a positive attitude will open your mind to learning more along your journey and will make it more possible to boost your confidence.

2. Acquire more knowledge

It is said that knowledge is power and the more you know, the more confident you become. Be the person that reads more to know many things and be all rounded. Read more, research about more skills, remain well updated with current affairs especially in your line of work. When you are well informed, you become more confident than when you have no idea about something at all.

3. Correct yourself and always do good

The more you do something, the more that thing becomes part of you as practice makes perfect. When you identify a weakness in you, strive to make a change and follow through with the good change as with time the good change will become part of your routine. Achieving good change for yourself will boost your confidence in a big way.

4. Work on boosting your strengths

We are all good at something, really good. Focusing on your strengths is a good way of boosting your confidence as you are very certain of that specific aspect when working things out. Take advantage of that which you are good at as you go about your day with confidence having accepted what it is that you are already good at.

5. Acquire new skills

Learning is said to have no end and with the modern day technological advancements, new skills are growing with the skills being very easy to acquire even simply through online platforms. As an individual, work on learning more skills as self-improvement helps in boosting confidence. Observe successful people and what they do, attend seminars, go online and learn skills. Also practice simple skills such as good customer service and time management every day as it later becomes part of you. Don’t settle for just what you have and know, work to learn every day.

6. Ask questions

Do not ever be afraid of asking questions if you do not know something. It is worse to do something in the wrong way when you do not understand than clearly saying out that you do not understand. It is not wrong to ask questions, it is actually good as it makes you informed of that which you did not know and even boosts your confidence. Avoid handling a project fully when you are uncertain about the brief as delivering wrong results may lead to scolding and repercussions that may undermine your self-confidence.

7. Avoid Negative language

What comes from our mouth can be our own setback and hindrance. When you live your day with a negative attitude telling yourself that you ‘cannot’, you end up locking your mind from alternative solutions to your situations. Be positive and instead of saying you ‘cannot’, say ‘how would I’. When you are more about finding solutions, you consistently boost your self-confidence. Don’t be part of those who place limitations on their work by being negative. View every situation as an opportunity to grow and not a hindrance to your growth.

Be grateful for your challenges. Many people tend to bend low when facing difficult times. Grow a heart and habit of gratitude as gratitude yields good health, success and even happiness. When you have gratitude, you channel your emotions and energy to solutions and positivity. This yields success later andself-confidence.

8. Work entirely for your successes

To achieve success, adapt to success habits. When you fall, rise and go on with focus on your success. Remind yourself constantly of your strengths and previous successes and work to grow in every task that you handle. In your work, be keen on meeting deadlines, enjoying your work and working well with everyone. When you put focus on your success and have fun when working, you are confident in your work and confident in achieving success.

9. Fake it until you make it

When handling a new project and task at work, it is not ever easy but when you take up all challenges with confidence, it makes it easier for you to work through them. When starting work at a new job, you are not expected to have knowledge of everything at the very beginning and it is normal to feel less confident. However, putting on a positive mind set and acting confidently will make you learn quickly and surprisingly, you begin to enjoy your new roles and experience success. When you are positive and confident, even coworkers easily trust you and your superiors trust you even with sensitive responsibilities.

10. Have fun and enjoy what you do

Nothing is ever that serious and actually, not having fun when working can lead to unattractive results. In as much as you wish to do well and deliver good results, it is important that you enjoy working towards the good results as not enjoying your work makes you unhappy and even unlikely to succeed. You cannot deliver well in an environment you do not enjoy or like. Learn to find fun in your shortcomings and enjoy correcting yourself, clean your heart and be open minded and positive. These simple habits help boost your confidence in a big way. Imagine that worker who is always gloomy, angry and sad at work, it is hard for such an unhappy character to seem or appear confident. When you smile, you induce molecules that help in fighting stress. The state of your body physically determines the state of your mind and thus your functionality and your delivery. When you are sad and angry, your body receives signals of distress and thus your mind is not able to function well for your confidence and your success.

Other basic tips to help boost your confidence

Have excellent personal hygiene.

How you look at your workplace determines your confidence at work. Prepare well for work and counter check your daily and normal hygiene routine to ensure that you dress in your best to work each time. Leave your residence feeling that you look lovely and this will without a doubt help you to maintain your confidence at work. When approaching coworkers and superiors, you are more confident when you are feeling neat and well dressed.

Choose hairstyles that are simple.

Simplicity is good in boosting esteem and confidence. When you choose a simple but neat hair style for instance, it is easy to maintain it and easy for you to prepare in the morning to work. A complicated style would mean your morning is hectic trying to style up to look good and this can lead to lateness or not being able to style well.

Make your outfit count.

When you decide to invest in a work outfit, select an outfit that fits you well and makes you look bright and professional. First impression matters a lot when it comes to boosting self-confidence. Remember that it is not an outfit’s price or brand that will make you feel confident but the quality of the outfit and how you look when you wear it. You may go for an expensive outfit that honestly doesn’t make you look good and bright and that would be a waste. Go for an outfit that makes you look good and professional.

Smart and well-cared-for shoes are an equal part of the equation

Am sure you have met someone who looked so good and smart with a good outfit but then you looked at their shoes and they looked badly kept. Badshoes can be torn, unpolished or even with no laces. Do not forget that your shoes help to boost your confidence. Make sure you care for your shoes well and that you wear tidy smart shoes to work. This helps you to feel good and confident when at work.

When you show interest in your body language and how you look, you will realize that you begin to feel confident and good about yourself. When your opinion about how you look changes, your confidence grows in a big way. When you walk and work in confidence, those around you are also happy to work with you.

Exercise everyday

Exercising your body is a good habit to relax and activate your body muscles. You do not have to run or lift weights or go to a gym. You could engage in relaxing exercises simply at home as such directly oxygenate your body and help to make it active and relaxed. Exercising also helps to keep the brain active.


Begin your day with meditation as this helps you to get attached to the present situation for you. With morning meditation, you go about your day fully conscious about your day situations and what you expect. The day may have a lot to offer and encounter but your mind will not lose touch with what you put in mind during your meditation. Meditation also allows you time to think about situations and how to go about finding the solutions to these issues. When you meditate, you start the day with focus and priorities and a clear way on how to go about your day.

Start Your Day with good Breakfast

Nutritionists say that the breakfast meal is the most important meal. You should make it a habit to feed very well in the morning as this gives your body enough strength to work. There are so many people who skip breakfast and just quickly grab a snack and head to work. This is not a healthy habit and it leads to one getting drained in the course of the day. Some even find the morning hours draining. It may seem slight but a healthy breakfast is crucial for obtaining confidence and success at work. No matter how late or early you are, there are healthy breakfast meals that are so easy to prepare and so plan yourself very well.

Manage Your Time as You Manage Your Finance

We are all very good at keeping track and records of our finances yet most of us are very poor at keeping track and good record of our time. Time management plays a key role in defining our success.Another good habit is the act of managing your time effectively. This goes a long way to impact your achievement. Successful people are very keen on time and time management defines successful people in a big way. How you spend your time determines how you achieve.

Set daily goals for a purpose

We all have goals in various aspects of our lives, work goals, personal goals and so on. The goals might be long term or short term, but for each one of us, the goals exist. The goals you set determine whether you will succeed. Goals should be objectives that you can achieve as a person and achieve them well depending on your capabilities. Aim at setting small achievable goals which you can achieve daily or weekly as this keeps you motivated to keep working towards achieving.

All these tips and more help you to work in confidence towards achieving confidence and success. You may begin by implementing one or two tips at a time until when you make each tip a habit and a part of you.